View Full Version : Brake pad wear light symbol and abs module unit

08-09-2018, 12:02 PM
I've a A3 2006 2ltr fsi. When I bought the car a yr go the front brake calipers and pads had been renewed. The sensor wasn't connected up but shorted out to prevent the the brake pad wear light from showing on dash. For my mot I've had to replace the rear brake pads and one of the small metal pipes, obviously bleeding the system through. Brakes work fine now all round. However the brake pad wear symbol is still on the dash so they won't pass the mot, very frustrating! I've checked all wiring and everything looks good to me. I bought a vagcom diagnostic tool to see if I could reset the codes and if anything else showed up. The only fault that comes up is 01316 which points towards the ABS module unit. Could this be my problem?, do they use the same warning light? Since doing my brakes aswell the ESP warning light won't go out, are they all linked to the same problem?
any sensible advice would be appreciated as it's driving me crazy and to be honest I'm finding it unreasonable that it should fail the mot because the light is still on the dash.
Cheers Andy

11-09-2018, 11:57 PM
could you post the vcds autoscan please