View Full Version : Low Seat in New Beetle

03-11-2007, 08:11 PM
We have a new (2008) Beetle and the drivers seat is just too low - even with the seat in the fully raised position. Before I go to the trouble of adding a tacky cushion just to raise the seat height, has anyone actually tried to raise the seat by modifying something? I notice the seat track brackets are welded to the frame, so that precludes raising the tracks themselves. Is it possible to raise the bottom of the seat by putting some sort of spacers between the seat frame and the mounting brackets? I know we can't be the only people who have this problem. Also, there is NO lumbar support in the seat whatsoever. Again, I know there are "aftermarket" solutions, but it just seems tacky to have cushions on a new car to make it comfortable. Again, I'm willing to do a degree of modifications, but removing and relocating a component welded to the body frame is over the top for me. I'm good with nuts and bolts, though!