View Full Version : How To Centre Speaker and HUD rattle

11-03-2018, 05:45 PM
Had a go at solving the centre speaker and HUD rattles today. Pretty low tech solution, but did only take about 20mins .

I have seen few people with same issue so took a few pics in case anyone wants to try and very quick and easy solution themselves.

Centre Speaker. Speaker grill eased of from edge nearest driver with a plastic interior trim tool. no damage and comes out reasonably easy once you get it going. Thin strips on black felt added around grill. Few blobs of super glue to hold in position. Grill snaps easily back into place. Tested with sound very loud, and no rattles. Seems to have worked fine.

HUD. Eased edge nearest driver up with same tool, then pull towards you. Looking at the trim Audi must know that a rattles is a potential as there are quite a lot of clips and contact points with vert thin material already in place. Added the same felt fixed with super glue to edges between clips and any points that look like contact points. Refitted without any problem. I don't get this rattle all the time, so only time will tell on this one, but hopefully this works.


13-03-2018, 11:53 PM
Iíve done the same on my centre speaker grill and works well. The HUD was done by Audi and after a few attempts they sorted it and no issues since

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