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30-01-2018, 09:31 PM
Hi All,

I was just going through all of my service docs and glanced over the servicing items in the book which has Spark Pug replacement at 58k - is this required? it wasn't mentioned to me on my last service,

I have a 2012 3.0L TDI


30-01-2018, 09:33 PM
Diesel.. right? No spark plugs.

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30-01-2018, 09:51 PM

Yes diesel, I just wanted to make sure they don't also mean glowplug in the same category

31-01-2018, 01:49 AM
:D It did make me smile. Glow plugs don't spark They glow red hot. And spark plugs don't glow. Whilst glow plugs dont have a replacement schedule, they last about 150K miles. You will know if they fail as it will take more turns of the engine before it starts.