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11-12-2017, 10:42 PM
Finally picked up my A7 last week, and after owning it a little, I have several issues that I can't solve on my own. I did lots of search, but no luck. So here we go...

1. I connected my phone via BT, connection was fine. However, every time I start the car, it displays message that four phones have already been connected and phone use is restricted. See it here - DSC_0006 — Postimage.org (https://postimg.org/image/m6ypxdq5h/)

So I go to Phone Settings > Bluetooth > Bonded Devices, and there's only my phone listed. Then I go to Known Bluetooth Devices and see a bunch of previously registered phones. Great, time to delete them! Unfortunately, there's no Delete button for any of devices. After a few minutes I assume I am an idiot who doesn't know how to use MMI, and start searching forums/YouTube. All the instructions have the same steps (go to Known Bluetooth Devices and click Delete button for each device), but I don't see any Delete button in my screen. Start searching forums again, and find hundreds of complains from users who have the same problem - no Delete button.

Thankfully, there is Delete All Bluetooth Devices option, which I use now. It displays a success message "All devices deleted", but all the devices are still here. I repeat the same step - no luck. Start searching forums again, and find a truckload of same problem from other users as well. A possible solution is to do Factory Reset in MMI, which I do. Great, all the phones are finally deleted! So I connect my phone again, and... surprise surprise, the same error (more than 4 phones connected) is displayed again. I go to Known Bluetooth Devices again, and there are no more devices, only my phone. However, if I click "Replace contacts of one telephone" in that error message, 4 previously registered phones are here again. ***? How do I get rid of them completely?

2. Is it possible to have the view from cameras (instead of basic graphics) in "overhead" mode during parking? I found that this mode was only available for A6, and not A7 (at least in US). Can someone confirm it?

3. How can I change "critical" distance of parking sensors? When parking system is active and car moves, it displays the nearest red line and starts beeping super-intensively (indicating there's no more space left) when there is about 30 CM of space left. In parking system setup, I can only set volume and frequency of sound.

4. When I activate adaptive cruise control and set desired speed, two red dots (dashes) above that speed light up in speedometer. For example, if I set speed to 100 km/h, two red dots between 100 and 110 (or so) light up. Cruise control works fine. However, if I disable it (I mean not cancel, but disable completely), only one red dot goes away, and second one still works. Cruise control doesn't work at this point, but one of these dots is still here. It disappears only after vehicle is restarted. Is it some feature?

5. If rear door child locks are enabled, those 2 small buttons on driver's door switch light on even after car is locked for a long time. Is it normal?

I think that's all for now... But somehow I have a feeling it's just a beginning...