View Full Version : Question AC doing Clicking Noises When On + Car is reversing in Drive

12-10-2017, 02:32 PM
Hi All,

I have an A4 2011 and since I purchased it I been having problem after another and i'm sick of spending money on it, so hopefully someone can help figure out what these issues are.

1. My air conditioning is doing a loud ticking noise, which sounds like a fan hitting something. I usually hear this noise on when the aircon is on and when i'm turning left or right. When i turn off the car and get out, I can still hear the fan turning and doing noise for about 20 seconds. The noise is coming from where the motor is.

Is this a serious issue? what is it? can i keep driving it like that? Would it cost a lot to fix?

2. Since i bought the car, it would slightly reverse when i put it in drive, it acts like a manual car would but it's auto, a mechanic tried to reset the computer, i found slight improvement but it was still there and now it's back as bad as before

is this an easy fix? costly fix?

I really would appreciate your help.