View Full Version : Audi Extended Warranty - any good?

29-09-2017, 05:41 PM
Hi All

My 2014 A7 is coming out of warranty in October.

I got an email from Audi offering an Extended warranty and can get the "Named Component" option for just over 300.

That covers Engine, Drive-train, Gearbox, Brakes, Clutch, Electrics, Locking System, Heating/Cooling system.

What do you think? Worth it?

I'm thinking that's not too bad for a potential very expensive failure of gearbox / engine / drive train.

30-09-2017, 09:27 AM
I recently paid for "All component Cover and mileage over 15,000. I paid 467. It does also have a 250XS . Gives peace of mind for my 2011 i guess. Recently took it in under this warranty as the DAB was not working right, and it still cost 60 for Audi to diagnose nothing and do nothing. Not sure i would opt for it again.

01-10-2017, 04:21 PM
I took out the all component cover with mileage over 15000 and no excess on my 2012 a7 in august at 41k, was expensive but I justified it to myself as I'm using the car for work now covering sometimes 1k miles a week I thought the piece of mind is worth it also I don't have the knowledge to do any repairs myself

the decision to take out the cover was made after a rear spoiler fault being invoiced at 900 by Audi, luckily this was covered under warranty, most repairs will run into the 100's as well as the 60 diagnostics, now the car has developed a vibration and booked in this week with the dealer.

The only issue with the warranty I find is having to use main dealer for servicing to keep all things in line in order to avoid any issues if there is a claim later on with a being component like the engine etc.

This will likely be the last extended warranty I get from Audi as I think I wont be applicable for a policy in August 2018 due to the car being over 5yrs old and the mileage being anyone's guess!

I would look into how much more the All component cover is but for just over 300 its not bad, it all depends on how much work you can do yourself or from an independent as well as the costs for parts if one of the big ticket items lets go!