View Full Version : 2015 FL 7 Speed DSG gearbox fluid capacity?

13-06-2017, 02:38 PM
Hi - I have a 2015 FL 2WD A7 with a 7 speed DSG gearbox. Does anyone know how much fluid is required when changing the DSG fluid for the 38K service.

I have called a couple of Audi garages and one said about 7 but another said about 4? The parts dept are saying that it tells them the part number of the oil which is shown in 1 ltr capacities but not how many are required overall. I know that sometimes some gets wasted during the change when bringing then engine up to temp but there is a big difference between 4&7. I think this 7 speed DSG might ave been a new version for the FL model on the A7. Apparently this version does not require a gearbox oil filter either!

Anyone else with a FL model had this done at a dealer and the volume shown on the the invoice?

Also would anyone with access to the techincal Elaswin database happen to know where the diesel fuel filter is located on this model as it is not readily obvious?

Thanks Steven

13-06-2017, 08:54 PM
Mine is the quattro version of the 7 speed but there is actually 2 oil quantities in the gearbox to change. the gearbox oil and then the transfer case oil. Mine was 7 and 4 liters plus a filter i can dig out my invoice for reference for you? I got an indy to do the oil on my pre-fl 2012

I think yours should be similar, diagrams show G 052549A2 (http://www.realoem.me/search/tvn/G%20%20052549A2) and G 055529A2 (http://www.realoem.me/search/tvn/G%20%20055529A2). They are sold in 1 liter bottles but as they said doesnt mention quantities. I got quantities needed from the guy of the parts counter in Audi. Are you going to do it yourself? If not it should be a fixed priced gearbox service of 270 euro or sterling equivalent

Do you know your gearbox code? this is where i pulled the above part numbers from:

Online Audi A7 Sportback spare parts catalogue, Europe market, 2015 model year: gearbox group, gearbox, complete, 7-speed dual clutch gearbox subgroup, Audi VIN decoder, aftermarket, etka online (http://www.realoem.me/Audi/RDW/A7/2015/788/R/3/300/300055)

14-06-2017, 08:06 AM
You will be making a big mistake if you are working on quantities. The gearbox filling procedure is very strict and you must heat the oil by running the engine to reach 40C and alow the excess oil to drain at which point the plug needs to be replaced. Too much to explain here. But you are mad to do it yourself unless you follow the instructions and have VCDS to measure the oil temp. fyi, the qty is about 5ltrs. Buy 6 ltrs to allow for draining.

The fuel filter is under the floor covering on the RHS of the underside of the car near the o/s passenger door.

27-06-2017, 10:53 AM
Thanks for the info.

I had the 38K service undertake at the dealer and it only needed 4 litres. I called to confirm after that this was correct and they said that as it is the FL 2WD model with the 7 speed DSG it only requires 4. The other fluid shown on the parts diagram woudl be if it was the quattro version for the transfer box (I think this might be regular gear oil). No gearbox filter with model of gearbox either!

Anyhow had Audi do a price match and got the major service with the gear box oil change for 510 which whilst not cheap was much cheaper than they were originally quoting.

BTW does anyone know where the fuel filters are physically located on these cars. Is it within the engine bay as it is not readily obvious?


27-06-2017, 01:06 PM
The quattro stronic definitely has a filter as mine got changed recently. Fuel filter should be on drivers side of the car underneath the side undertray. Roughly under the drivers seat area About 30 euro for a genuine one.

28-06-2017, 02:19 PM
Do you intend to change the oil yourself. I am concerned that the garage has not informed you correctly.