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18-04-2017, 06:23 PM
I have now added the Advanced User Tagging system to the forum..

To use this is fairly straight forward BUT to work as it should you really need to enable "receive admin emails" and "receive emails from other members" in your USERCP ..

If these are not enabled you will NOT get the emailed notification that you have been mentioned ;)

To use this when replying to posts and you want to mention a member you use the "@" symbol in front of the username, i.e @stuart (http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/member.php?u=1) this will then turn there name into a link to there profile


If the email setting in your USERCP are set correct you will then receive an email that you have been mentioned... but you will see notifications in the usual notification area


If you look at your user profile extra tabs have been added to show "mentions", "Quotes" and "threaded tags"


Statistics are also shown when you click on "quick links" or "community" as per the Thank you system.



There is also a facility to "tag" people at the top of each thread but for the time being this is turned off :)

There is also "hash tags"

Hash Tags work very similar to the Twitter system, where a user can be notified, or subscribe to, a ‘topic’ which is marked by a ‘#’ symbol.
Hash Tags only work if a topic is one word long (no spaces) and must have a ‘#’ symbol placed at the front, and a semicolon ‘;’ at the end of it, as follows:
You can subscribe to such hash tags, by entering them through your Settings/User Control Panel section were there are also settings for the Thank you system :)

If you have any questions please ask..


22-04-2017, 09:26 AM
Remember when using the forum you can now quote and mention other members by adding "@" to the username, for example stuart this will then send then notification that you have mentioned them... ideal if they have never posted in that thread... https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v8/f4c/1/16/1f642.png:)