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19-03-2017, 12:52 PM
Hi, New to the forums so apologies if I'm not quite in the right place, however, I have a 2011 2.0 TDI that was affected by the emissions issues and had the 'fix' done by Audi last May.
Recently whilst driving down the M6 on a long drive from Scotland to Wales the car went in to what I assume is limp home mode as I had a huge loss of power and the coil light was flashing at me. A quick google search has given me the impression this is the cars way of showing me it's gone in to limp home.
I pulled over, switched off the car, switched it back on again and the car was back to normal. This happened a couple more times, and eventually an engine management light came on. Eventually I got home finding that the limp home mode only seems to go on under periods of start stop driving like when in traffic or beginning to slow down (I found shifting down a gear before slowing seemed to stop the frequency of the limp home mode).
Anyway, I got hold of a fault code reader and the code coming back was P0403: EGR Control Circuit. Upon having a read I understand it's in relation to a bad voltage coming back from the EGR solenoid and it can be caused by anything from a loose wire to a blockage in the EGR valve. Again, a google search later and I found that the EGR valves can get clogged up and it might just need a clean. I pull out the carb cleaner ready to get my hands dirty and then get a call from a friend who works for a VAG independent garage who advised that they are currently dealing with a lot of VAG cars that are now having EGR issues and faults caused by the fix VAG put in place. I stop what I'm doing, call Audi and it's booked for a checkup at the beginning of April (didn't have time to get it in sooner due to working away).

Now, I've since had a read about google and found that Audi may cover up to 90% of the fix, but the girl on the phone seemed reluctant to admit that it was a fault caused by the emissions fix. I explained that I am a mechanic (all be it on plant kit and not road going cars) and I understand how the EGR valve works and how it can take time for problems to build and that I was sure it was due to the fix.

My question is, does anyone have any experience with this fault caused by the fix and been successful with getting a repair done with discounts, or free, and does the issue I'm having sound similar?

Also, just to note, I noticed when the fault occurs and the car goes in to what I assume is limp home mode, I get the following data back from my reader.

EGR_PTC % 0.0
EGR_ERR% 99.2

Now to me, that looks as if the EGR valve is getting jammed open, but if anyone knows different, please can you advise so I have something to go off when I deal with Audi.


TL;DR - getting error code P0403 and what I assume is limp home mode, has anyone experienced this after the emissions 'fix' and had the issue fixed at a reduced cost through Audi due the fault being caused by the 'fix'?

niall campbell
20-03-2017, 07:44 PM
32760327613276232763Without taking off the EGR valve or indeed knowing the resistance off the solenoid, then its either stuck open or doesn't have the ability to close.

My cogs in my EGR were worn away, so it wouldn't work

With my EGR solenoid cover is a large white wheel, take it off & see more cogs, it was the other cogs that had the broken & worn down teeth

Of course the new software may have tighter parameters on the EGR readings & this is causing the EGR Faults, but its possible that the EGR was on its way out anyway