View Full Version : bbs vz- will they fit?

24-10-2007, 04:28 PM
i've got a mk 5, S model 54plate golf and i've seen some alloys i like however i'm not sure if they'll fit, can anyone advise me please?

The one's i've seen are bbs vz which are 18 inch with a rim width of 8J and an offset of 37 and 5 stud.

my friend thinks they'll be to big and will wreck the wheel arches as there wont be enough room and when going over bumps travel on the suspension will make then hit the arches.

the car's exactly the same as when it came out of the factory so no changes to the suspension or anything.

any ideas? i'd be very grateful!


24-10-2007, 05:34 PM
The offset will poke the wheels out a bit at the front but they'll fit the rear arches perfectly.

Do check the PCD though, 5 x 112 is what you want. If they come with tyres make sure they're the correct size for the wheel.

Get some pics up when you fit them too ;)


And of course, welcome to the forum :D