View Full Version : Please Help Camshaft position sensor audi a4 b8 2.0tdi 2011

04-02-2017, 10:37 PM
Hoping someone can help me here, recently had a drive belt (fan belt) snap due to the tensioner so i had them replaced at the garage, now my car wont start up it sounds as if it is trying to start but fuel isn't going in, how ever on the off occasion it eventually does start and seems to run fine, ive driven it up and down the motorway and it performs fine until you switch it off then it wont start back up again.

I've had a diagnostics done on it and the fault codes that show up are p001600, now i dont feel the timing belt is of as it runs fine when it starts, i'm leaning towards thinking the camshaft position sensor may be malfunctioning, but the sensor is behind the timing belt and cam wheel, i'm wondering if i have to pull everything apart to get to it or can i somehow change it without touching the timing belt.

my car is an AUDI A4 2.0tdi 2011.


04-02-2017, 10:44 PM
Enigne code? VCDS fault codes?

04-02-2017, 10:53 PM
hi the fault codes i got are Engine control 1 - VEF / Diesel EDC 17C46 UDSP245400 - Particulate filter differential pressure sensor/bank 1. Error Message : short to earth.P001600 - Camshaft timing advance (Bank 1)

i'm running another diagnostics tomorrow morning just to make sure but my gut instinct says it is the CPS sensor

07-02-2017, 07:39 PM
What about DPF diff pressure sensor shorted? Maybe replace that one if shorted. Could be that camshaft is just side affect. But main problem is DPF diff. pressure sensor. Try to clear failt codes and scan again. You did not supply engine code