View Full Version : MMI on the blink

23-01-2017, 06:15 PM

On Saturday my MMI started playing up ... majorly ...

Everything, music (from USB or CD) phone and sat nav will continually cut out (screen goes to a single line, imagine what a terminator sees in his last dying moments) then it springs back to life... then keeps doing this... making listening to music / making a call totally impossible.

When car is cold it'll be fine for first 20 mins... then starts to play up big time...

Any ideas? or common faults with MMI.

Had a new battery recently, but that was 2 weeks ago (fitted a bosche one)

Have tried the three button key command to re set it... to no avail

23-01-2017, 07:06 PM
Its no point to quess with those things, plug vcds and scan car and perform optical test also, it may be any module in optical circut, best would be to make optical test if mmi is acting as discraibed above as it will show electric faults also. Most often its amp, mu and bt modul!

29-01-2017, 03:42 PM
Hi, thanks for this. Audi dealership looked at it on Friday... told me it could be any of the 3rd party things I've got attached to it (I already told them I'd tested with NOTHING connected ;-( ) and to 'monitor' it... and that if it continues to play up it 'might' be either the phone control module (about 300 + fitting) or the MMI control module (around 350 + fitting) but we wouldn't know which one until they've tested removing one at a time... so to put it mildly... no further forward... they said there were no error codes, and the software is up to date... I might try and take it to a specialist next week and see if i get a more in depth diagnosis ...