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25-12-2016, 03:23 PM
I am new here first of all so if I post in the wrong place, very sorry..and can post be moved?

I have an A4 2011 Black Edition 170 and all was fine until my vehicle had some repairs done to it. Before my turbo would spool up and start boosting from about 1750 rpm in 2nd gear with full power. After the repairs were completed which took a few months, I got the car back but it literally had no turbo boost at all. Went back to them a day or two later and mentioned the issue, the mechanic seemed to have a rough idea of what the issue was and popped open the bonnet and fiddled with some connection near the air filter? I did ask him what it was and he said something about a wire was not connected properly. I canít remember exactly it has been some time since.

I went back to mechanics a few days later about an underlying issue which they fixed on the day. Later whilst driving I put my foot down in 2nd gear and there wasn't the expected boost I normally get when the turbo kicks in, instead it feels like it kicks at roughly 2200 rpm now and it is a more gradual increase.

I would have brought it back to the mechanics to take a look at but sadly the specific branch I went to closed down and the other branches state I will have to get it looked at under warranty which can take some time.
Anyone know what the problem could be? I am not so versed with mechanics of a vehicle but I do know a few basics. No warning lights come up on the dashboard by the way.

I have a major service booked with Audi next month maybe they could identify the issue and sort it instead..

niall campbell
27-12-2016, 11:44 AM
maybe that's why your garage shut down ........................................... the simplest thing is a vacuum pipe has fallen off or blocked etc

worst case is the turbo, but for all the cars I have had, never had a turbo go yet !

I think finding a good trusted garage in your area is a must for you, look up for a VAG / Audi/ VW specialist in your area or wait for the Audi dealer to have a look

I would wait until it has its major service of fuel, air and oil filters done. Basic servicing is always a good place to start