View Full Version : Fault diagnostic limitations

20-12-2016, 08:57 PM
Can a main dealer diagnostic computer tell if there is a coolant thermostat fault. My car is only hitting 70 Celsius no matter how far driven or what speed. Also, the rad hoses and expansion tank are warm even when the engine temp is reading just above 50 Celsius i.e. I think the stat is stuck open and circulating through the radiator way too soon
i questioned how the diagnostic tool can determine if the stat is ok and was told that they are now part electronic so can be diagnosed this way.
is this more wool being pulled over my eyes

My question is therefore, can a thermostat fault be diagnosed by a plug in diagnostic computer?

separate issue, they have found the battery to be knackered (another reason I had taken it in as the voltage was only 12.0v and a failed humidifying sensor - whatever that is)
not good for a two year old Audi with just 5.5k on clock still they are working hard to help me with these problems.