View Full Version : Guide: Fixing full beam toggle issue on stalks after cruise control retrofit.

29-11-2016, 01:02 AM
I wanted to get cruise control retrofitted on my Audi A4 B8 saloon. I originally had the following components:

8K0 953 502 C stalks (sticks)
8K0 953 568 D clock spring

I retrofitted the following components:

8K0 953 502 BD stalks with cruise control,
8K0 953 568 F clock spring

Using VCDS, I was able to calibrate new clock spring sensor and enable the cruise control option:


After a short drive, most of the errors cleared and I was able to clear the remaining with VCDS.

However, one strange issue remained. Before the retrofit, I would put on my full beams by pressing the stalk for the lights forward. They stalk would lock into the "full beams" position. To take them off full beams, I would just pull the stalk back into its previous position.

However, with the new stalk, it would not lock into its forward position. As such, to keep my full beams on when driving on a country road, I had to continuously keep one hand on it pushing it forward. Not ideal at all.

To fix this, I removed the stalks again.


I removed the three screws on the cover to the lights stalk. The clips can be unclipped from the underside with a ling thin spudger or screwdriver.


The stick can be lifted out.


The yellowish block has indentations where a bearing on the stalk clicks into place. Its this that lets the stalk toggle into the various positions. Using a spudger or screwdriver, you can remove it from the clip on this back.


Comparing the block to the one taken from the original stalks, we see the difference in the indentations.


So, you can now swap the blocks and put the stalks back together.

After doing this, my full beams now toggle into place like before. :o

I hope this helps someone else.