View Full Version : A4 1.9TDI 00' power loss / turbo fail

16-08-2006, 11:26 AM
Hey there ,

Forgive me if this question has already been asked but here i go anyhow. I bought my first Audi last night ,Its an A4 estate, its year 2000 1.9tdi 110 . I collected the car late last night and drove it 250 miles home from Belfast . With 70miles or so left to go i noticed there had been a major loss of power , the turbo seems to have stopped working, in 5th gear it is not able to pull itself above 80mph or so , the power loss is clear through all the gears :confused: .otherwise it seems to be driving ok. Its got 113k miles on the clock and a service history .otherwise the the car is very clean and tight, it had plenty of power up to then. At the time it happened i was fairly pushing the car and had been doing up to 110mph at times. :( . trying to get home to bed.
At one stage i pulled in , switched off ignition and when i restarted the word 'service!!' appeared on the small screen....... So ... Have I made a balls of it already?.. any ideas?
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12-02-2007, 01:17 PM
Bought it last July with a 1 year gaurantee on the engine.
Is this an engine problem or computer control problem as when I am driving and the turbo "shuts" off I shut off the engine while driving and when I restart it the turbo seems to kick in again. It has happened 3 times in the last month. Not good as it usually happens when I am passing someone and one time I had to brake pretty quick to get back in as the turbo stopped as I got even with the other car.
Would be nice to know whether I can get the turbo fixed using the gaurantee "IF" its the engine. Not covered if it is the computer system conking out on me.