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29-07-2016, 05:16 PM
Hi All,

I have a 2016 B8 GT with the Premium LED's and Dynamic Light Assist.

On dipped, the beam cut off seems really low - too low. Does anyone know if this is adjustable? Obviously when you turn the car on, they do their whizzy self adjustment cycle, but they settle lower than I would like.


30-07-2016, 06:01 AM
I don't think it's adjustable but your dealership should be able to sort that out for you, I've seen threads on other forums about the same thing.

30-07-2016, 08:22 AM
There are two plastic screws that are visible on the lamps under the bonnet. These move the lights up and down or left and right to the reference point the lights adjust to when you start up.

I'd take it to a garage to be aimed correctly as LED lights are extremely bright and you risk dazzling everyone.

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P Adams
30-07-2016, 10:43 AM
My 2015 GT saloon LED lights were a touch low and my dealer said that there was a software update for the lights, which they carried out and they were much better. This was quite a while ago so I would imagine your 2016 car would have the most up to date software?! As the other guys said, take it in and they will adjust the actual lights if required.