View Full Version : Audi TT 8J TDI CBBB engine noise

17-06-2016, 12:55 PM
I have been having some trouble with my Audi TT 8J TDI Quattro 2008 48k miles.

I have an Audi TT TDI 8J 2008 with CBBB engine, it has only done 44k miles. I was driving down the motorway and the oil light came on and went off, I thought it might be a faulty oil sender so replaced them both.

After that I was going down the motorway and it went in to limp mode. Called the breakdown recovery and it was a blown turbo pipe (the lower hose left hand side as you look at the front of the car) had come off, not sure how much crap was sucked in to the engine (might be related to oil pickup below?) as I got to a safe place to stop. It had a particulate filter regen so I did the driving procedure to regen and it worked Then the car was running fine. I did run some engine flush then change the oil, not sure if that was a good or bad thing after reading up on it.

The light did not come on for a while then again on the motorway about a month after the oil light came on and beeped and the car just cut and went to limp mode and ran like a bag of spanners. The recovery guy said it was the turbo.

So based on that I dropped the oil and took the sump off to find lots of deposits in the Sum and the pickup blocked and looked in a bad way, I ordered a new pickup pipe and also oil pump and sump. (weirdly the sump had been welded). I spoke to a guy who recons balance shafts ebay item 191892819261 and he said to check that oil was being pumped to the turbo and it was (that was before the pump was changed, thought it was best to change it due to all the deposits.

I have been using the PDF audi workshop manual to perform the jobs. I have done quite a bit of work before head gaskets etc over the last 19 years.

Now I have put the car back together, changed the oil and filter plan to drop that now and see if more deposits to get out, I got the car to start again but is running rough here is a video, sounds like the noise is at the back of the engine?


Any advice/help would be appreciated! Thanks!