View Full Version : Calling all Autobots - Side quattro blades color code?- Anyway to get paint codes from the web? q7

09-06-2016, 05:33 PM
Up until MY17 started, i think the "Side quattro blades" on the Q7 - 4M were the same I believe on all trims and models. With the Black styling pack they are now available in BLACK too.

Has anyone come accross how to get these Audi Paint/Colour codes on the off chance?

I can't afford ABT kit for some time yet... So

I need to consider a CRAZY option(s) to cosmetically altering the rear lower bumper of my "yet-to be-delivered" SLINE to the lower rear bumper of the SE trim..


JUST to Try and illustrate by PICTURE
I looking to achieve the below affect simply because Audi seem to have different lower bumper colors for the S line and SE

as confirmed by @nemo78 when 1st joined this forum ..


Option 1
Order the whole lower Bumper Part code (Pending confirmation from Audi - GENUINE AUDI Q7 S LINE 4M0 2015- REAR BUMPER - INK BLUE C7 LOWER SECTION - MPN:4M0807527B ?)and get fitted by Audi when the car is delivered. Also need to confirm if the part SLINE and SE PART can be interchanged!..

This is what the part looks like apparently for the 4M from goog..


Option 2
Get it re-sprayed - by a Body shop - who say I should realistically carry out option 1 one but they can re-spray it for me provided I can get a code for the "Side Quattro Blades" that I am trying to match it to - Not sure If the SE one's are the same color something I need to check. I can see this being the simpler straight forward option, rather than faff around with a brand new factory installed fit of rear sensors camera's etc.

To look like THIS


So , Just another 1st World Problem...

Hoping someone out there know of a website that can dish correct color codes for the " Side quattro blades "part :-0