View Full Version : mobil 1 5w-30 5L at 32.95 delivered!

03-05-2016, 09:16 AM

you can get this deal from opieoils. Usually it cost 47 at least. This shop been my source of genuine oil for years now.

seen people buying asda, tesc9, halfords "compatible" oil. dont waste your money and stop killing your car. these so called "compatible" oils will most of the time get consumed by the car. Does not protect well car.

here you can get decent oil. which last..

however i swap to motul 300v in my a6 ultra. but this one is expensive and requires change at max of 5.000miles.

03-05-2016, 09:26 AM
33 isn't cheap for 5L of approved oil . End of last year I saw 5L of Ester marketed race oil like Motul 300V for 35 .

The cost of Halfords non approved 504 507 is a ridiculous 43 whilst Asda on a roll back is 18 .

How do you actually know that non approved , meets the requirements oil is inferior unless you did new and used oil analysis laboratory tests ?

03-05-2016, 09:40 AM
for a good quality i think it is.

you dont have to run any test labs.

pop in so compatible oil in car which is turbo charged. diesel or petrol.

check it level after 1 month time... it will lower...wtfk engine oil leak... NO.

fill you car with good quality oil. like motul 8100 extra + or mobil 1, shell helix ultra, castrol.

the level of oil will remain the same with good quality oil. (unless you have serious leaks). some cars are known to consume oil...but even then. oil consumed will be at lowest level.

so called oils from super market or halford brand oil is to ...xxx

just burn away...it want last long. Also when it burns away it does leave a lot of ashes...

so far the best oil i tested in diesel was motul 8100 extra clean plus. Remain clean after oil change at 6.000miles on clock.

if you have turbo charged car. try motul 300v 0w-20w.
In 8th gen petrol v tec motor i used amsoil 0w-20w belive or not but car pulls a lot better..
The most visible diffrence was from 3.000rpm to 6.000rpm.

there was even thread where people used 0w-20w in turbo charged mx8 and tested on rolling road... bhp goes up by 15!! This is realated to turbo charged / v-tec cars or performance cars dont expect from citroen C1 extra 15bhp!!. This dont work like that. Doesnt make sense to use such expensive oil in such xxx car.

do not use such a thin oil in very high mileage cars.!!

the good quality oil makes a diffrence... in any car.

03-05-2016, 09:59 AM
I'm all for good quality oil , however I'm using the Asda 504 507 I got on a roll back with no oil consumption , only a few cans , before I was using approved Quantum-Longlife III which you can get for 24 , VW has a trademark on it .

Was more of an experiment and I'm not disappointed and will go back to Quantum next year .

I'm all for Motul and any other quality manufacturer of Ester marketed oil , but why does Motul have two 504.00 507.00 approved oils in its line up , namely Specific and your mentioned 8100 X-clean+ ?

Whats all this 0W20 business , a 20 isn't any good for sustained high temperatures.

And why did you think the 0W20 pulls alot betrer and made the bhp gains ?

03-05-2016, 10:03 AM
The cost of <REMOVED>non approved 504 507 is a ridiculous 43 whilst Asda on a roll back is 18 .

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03-05-2016, 10:56 AM
mate 0w-20 is best oil you can buy. 0w mean temperatures. 20 mean thicknes.
this oil has to be changed every

its all abouts physics. thinner mean less friction better lubrication and is made slightly diffrent. base/core is designed to give minimal friction with maxium protection for racing cars.

But you have to change it more often.

it like design with sporty cars. To limit wind friction and better stability.

i will paste this in as I dont think i can paste link

Fully synthetic high-performance motor oil based on the exclusive MOTUL ESTER Core technology improves performance modern racing engines generations and protects reliably against wear, oil pressure drop and oil aging even at extremely high thermal stress. ***Lowered HTHS viscosity especially recommended for sprinting, acceleration and short distance races***. Exceeds existing motorsport standards.

like I said max mileage you can do when driving in average style will be 6.000 better change it every 5.500miles.

with such oils. Most people are idi... when they look on long life oil and oil change every 15.000miles.

every oil start degrade after magic 5.500 some last a bit longer some not. if you care about car, use good oil and change it every 6.000 do not make 15.000 miles ..

this info is confirmed by one of the independent labs. They tested all oils for degradation.

these so called extended life oils last up to 10.000 where oil service interval was telling you to drive another 4k miles.

that oil after 10.000 was a pure " adblue" (google main additive in adblue haha).

i am busy right now. But if you really want i will check my history after that link for lab test.

03-05-2016, 11:35 AM
Yes I agree on oil degradation , LongLife intervals and a 0W20 having less resistance thus releasing more power , torque and mpg , even changing gearbox oil from a 75W90 to a 75W80 will have a small effect .

Everything has its place and a 0W20 is no good for most of us , whilst I also agree to it's high quality as it probably contains some group 5 Ester oil basestock .

Even less suitable for those on the Autobahn or occasional track that see high sustained speeds and high temperatures where a 5W40 minimum should be considered .

Considering the staple diet of most VAG is 504 and 507 and this 5W30 is on the thick side of a 30 being 12 viscosity units @100 C a 30 grade starts at 9.3 and a 20's range is 5.6 - 9.28 , it's just too thin .

03-05-2016, 12:24 PM

check the chart. check how viscosity change.

this chart is for high performance racing.

0w-20 oil is good for demanding engines for all vw 507 and autobahn in germany.
what temp are you going to get in car where vw507 are required?
90C where oil temp will reach 100C

with super super super v10 engine turbocharged 1000bhp+ 0w20 will be to thin.

the only diffrence is that you got a better resistance on cylinders (lower).

as long as you keep changing it often.

in proper racing after each racing engines are rebuilt.

they match oil for racing. if they going to drive at max torqe all day long they will choose thicker oil.i t also help maitain wearing on cylinders after a long crazy day.

how many people here are driving car all the time at 7.000rpm? all day long.
to wear that much engine which after track needs rebuild ? or new?

how many people drive here cars where temp goes above 100C?

0w-20 is best oil for those who dont care about price of these oils.

one small advise do not exceed 6000miles on theses.

03-05-2016, 12:30 PM
when i had accor v tec petrol 8th gen. Ive run on amsoil 0w-20 and my foot was 3/4 of the day at 3.000rpm-6.000rpm.

with oil change every 4.000 I only kill clutch. at 40.000 on clock.

Cylinder pressures was check at that time and still was pefect like a brand car.

i know its honda.. not vw. which will die at 20.000 when reving that much. But in my audi Ive got it.

it feels more responsive.

better mpg showing now 32-35mpg in town traffic

03-05-2016, 12:57 PM
A guy said his VW VR5 engine oil sees 120C on the Autobahn and he uses 5W50 which is fine , trouble is he lives in Sweden and the winter sees minus 40C, not good for cold starts , conrary to belief at the colder end of viscosity a 0W40 is thicker than a 0W30 when cold .

The thinnest I would use is 0W30 Shell Helix Ultra Professional AV-L which used to be 5W30 .

Well good luck with it all , I can't see anyone pull the trigger for some 0W20 unless a 0W20 is specified as the grade to use .

Sure new cars with their even closer tolerances and search for mpg gains .