View Full Version : Minor door damage A3 1.4TFSI help required

02-02-2016, 07:41 PM
Hi. A few weeks ago my door on driver side of A3 was slightly damaged. The damage is quite minor but noticeable, and it is just on the crease in the door panel (not sure of the correct terminology for this) !! The dent is 1.5-2cm Max. probably in the worst possible place for repair as its not on the flat surface of the door.

I really want want to get this repaired as its only a 2014 reg back to good condition, I took it to a local repairer with good reputation for a quote, and because of where the damage is they would have to respray the drivers door and the wing panel next to it to blend in apparently, they quoted me 500. I realise that if I go ahead with the local repair then my Audi paint warranty would likely be invalid, I am considering going direct to Audi garage for a quote as they will guarantee continuity of the paint warranty. Where the damage has occurred there is some paint missing. Really need some advice or help in what to do next.

Many thanks