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Tony Canale
15-01-2016, 05:27 PM
So I had an odd problem where my headlight wouldn't go on until i honked my horn in the mornings (and then my horn died out)..
Please Help Driver side headlight wont go on until i honk the horn, which is also dying. (http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/showthread.php/172192-Driver-side-headlight-wont-go-on-until-i-honk-the-horn-which-is-also-dying?p=994625#post994625)

One of the comments was correct and there was a broken wire (connecting to the horn). The clip holding it on was off as well as it being broken, so i cut the wire down, put it over the metal piece the clip clips onto, and then shoved the clip over it. That seemed to work, the horn was okay again and the headlight went back on.
I walked away for one minute and came back to find the headlight out again though. Poked around and noticed that the bulb had some soot on it, I guess maybe because I never turned the car off it got overloaded with power or something.. I really dont know too much about electronics like that though so who knows. Changed the bulb it went back on and all was well for a while.
Recently the bulb went died back out, but beeping turned it on for a minute (noticed the horn gurgling a little) and noticed the wire was loose again. Taped it down good with some electric tape, and now the horn is fine, but the headlights still not on. I also tried changing the bulb again-NADA.

Now my only guess if the horns connected and working, two brand new bulbs aren't working, it must be the fuse? Right?

Only problem is my fusebox looks nothing like the diagram in the panel with it. A little confused as to which fuse is which, i tried just looking at the numbers and matching it up, but must not have been right because i pulled what i thought was the high and lowbeam fuses and both highbeams still worked and the passengers lowbeam.

So my questions are-
Does anyone know what it could be?
Does anyone agree that its a fuse?
Does anyone have the correct fuse diagram for a 2005 v6 touareg?
Does anyone want to trade there brand new Cayenne for my 2005 touareg? http://www.clubtouareg.com/forums/images/smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

Also PROBABLY unrelated but w/ electrical issues you never know so i figure i should mention it

The other night I was driving and the cel came on. p0068 which ive been dealing with for a while its either a dirty throttle body, maf, or maybe even because i have a small crack in a hose (covered w hose tape for now) . The codes been coming and going on its own. (usually off occasionally pops on for a few days). A few hours later, the traction control light also came on after I parked, the next day I started losing power at stop lights (rpm would drop a few hundred). Got the codes read- My mechanic told me the list was so long it was literally impossible if the car was driving as well as it was. Cleared them and didn't have any issues other then the headlight for a while. Yesterday the traction light went on again and i started losing power for a little while.. and then oddly shut itself off when starting the car and once again the car drove fine.

Probably going to start on that by cleaning the maf and throttle body, and getting the cracked vac hose replaced.