View Full Version : Standard SE xenon plus Adaptive headlights (New Q7)

26-11-2015, 11:17 PM
I have been driving a new Q7 and love it. One thing i noticed is the headlights aren't that bright (compared to my previous xar with xenons) and they don't seem to have any adaptive, or swivel effect nor cornering lighting. When I speced the car I didn't go for the LED option as its expensive and had no adaptive effects, yet my SE standard equipment in the brochure listed it with "Xenon Plus Headlights with LED daytime running lights - with adaptive headlights". So i went with that.

the below link actually explains what the Adaptive light behaviour - but its obviously for any model and previous models.

adaptive light > Glossary > advice > Audi St. Lucia (http://www.audi.com/aola/brand/en_lc/tools/advice/glossary/adaptive_light.browser.html)

Anyone noticed similar please? There are various videos on You tube about adaptive lights with previous Q7 and non of these effects are in my car.

I asked the question fro the dealer and they seem to do lot of head scratching and a reply they need to check with factory, its been 6 weeks and still no word.

Any thoughts please?