View Full Version : Fitting aftermarket stereo to mk5 golf.

08-10-2007, 02:00 PM
Could you please help me...

How do you remove the plastic tray from the top of the dash board?

I am trying to replace my original sterio with a new standard size unit. I have looked at some web sites regarding the removal of the vw facia panels but have fallen at the first hirdle. From the info i have read, it is required to remove the tray on top of the middle of the dash board... i have removed the two screws from the plastic tray but it doesn't seem to lift of...do I just need to force it or am i doing something wrong...

Your help would be much appreciated....

09-10-2007, 01:19 PM
hi mate.
i presume you dont have climate control and you are referring to the storage tray above the radio under the windscreen?

you need to lift out the rubber matting and there is a few bolts underneath, unscrew them and then lever it out from the back first - their are two clips at the back.

then slowly lever out the front facia from the top - slowly!

its really thin plastic. just do bits at a time and dont force it. if it doesnt come away, move your lever to another area and lever their. you just need to find the clips really. once you get the facia away their are a few bolts to unscrew.

if you need any more help let me know