View Full Version : 80 tdi electrics

02-08-2006, 07:01 PM

I just discovered this site and hope that someone out there understands 80 tdi electrics.

I drove my nice new (1993) 80 tdi up my driveway, came back about a week later and it wouldn't even turn over. When the ignition was switched on, both indicators lit up intermittently and the dashboard lights flickered slowly. The fuel gauge didn't budge (but the wipers wiped).

Thinking it might be an internal battery short, I disconnected the earth and used jump leads off another car - weird electrical activity remained. Just after the last time it was used there was a torrential downpour and thinking that some water might have got into the fusebox, I hauled it out, but there was no sign of any water ingress.

Any hints and diagnostic suggestions would be very gratefully received.