View Full Version : Auto Car review A4 B8 & Super Unleaded fuels

28-09-2007, 02:01 PM
Just come back from a lunch time trip ro WHSmith & read the latest issue of What Car? magazines review of the new A4 B8. They seem to be giving it the big thumbs up overall saying its the best yet. Plenty of pics, have to say i've decided its better looking than I 1st gave it credit for, although they are saying the 3.2 V6 petrol will only be available in auto, boring!! Not having a go at auto boxes, just would be nice to have a manual option! No mention of an S4 version as yet, lets hope they've got room for a V8! Worthy optional extra would be the Xenon-plus which gives you LED riding lights as per the R8 & S6, having seen a few S6's in the flesh recently they certainly make the car look mean as hell!!

Also they tested Super Unleaded and basically rubbished the claims it improves performance & economy! Its an interesting read so well worth it. Me personally I use Super Unleaded in both my 3.0 Quattro Sport & my Kawasaki ZX6R Ninja motorbike. The bike is certainly perkier with 99 ron fuel and I dont really care about fuel economy with it! The car though, only just starting using it and not sure if its much perkier really but certainly get at least 1.5mpg more acording to DIS. I wont bore you with the maths but I calculate on my 67 ltr/15 gallon tank i'd travel roughly 22.5 miles further for the 2.68 extra i'd pay for Tesco 99 over regular unleaded saving 47p per tank!!! What im basically saying is the extra cost of Tesco 99 is covered by the slightly better mpg I get so im no worse off and if the advertising is true & it does indeed help keep your engine cleaner then thats just an added bonus! Not bad for a slightly perkier drive when I need it! Wouldnt pay the price BP & Shell charge for their high octane fuels though, this just makes it more expensive for no reason!