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20-01-2015, 04:35 PM
The new Sportsvan/SV is selling well across Europe, and has an extremely lively French speaking forum at Volkswagen Golf VII Sportsvan [TOPIC OFFICIEL] - Golf - Volkswagen - FORUM Marques (http://www.forum-auto.com/marques/volkswagen/sujet21101.htm) which currently has 86 pages of messages!

I have also found a website at Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan European sales figures (http://left-lane.com/european-car-sales-data/volkswagen/volkswagen-golf-sportsvan/) that gives the monthly sales for cars across the entire European market.

While the Golf Plus achieved sales of 83,838 in 2010, 84,254 in 2011, 68,453 in 2012 and 61,712 in 2013 - and was much more popular in mainland Europe than the UK - production stopped in 2014 and so only sold 6374 in 2014.

Sales of the new Sportsvan/SV have already exceeded 50,000 from the start of production to November, and were 10,055 in September, 12,203 in October and 7,511 in November! Let's hope the great British public take to our new bigger Golf and don't decry it like they did the Golf Plus :)

(My depreciation hit when I P/Xed my Golf Plus made a mockery of all the claims that VW's hold their price well - even when trading in at a VW dealers!)