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17-01-2015, 09:59 PM
Sorry guys did not mean to post that here's my post

We'll I bit the bullet and after a lot of thinking and looking around I found a company in the USA
that do a complete decat kit for the audi s4 b6
the company that sell it is called xs pefprmance here is their link xs-power.com they do all types of audi at very good price in my opinion

so the kit came today an I must say what a bit of kit for the money
machine welds seamless and very pretty welds ,
the kit also came with lamda prove spacer to stop the error code on the dash

so here it goes I put it up on the ramp to see how difficult a job it was
initially it looked difficult but after a little thinking I removed a few sub frame bolts which have me a lot more room to work with

I managed to undo all the down pipe bolts with a few extention bars a wobbly end and lots of patients

once removed I offered the new decats up what a good fit they are ,they even came with lamda spacers so I did it get any dash warning light after a little reassembly the cars back together and what an improvemt of throttle response and the sound is something else , I will be dynoing soon also which I'm expecting to see quite a rise In BHP as you can feel the difference already

I will attach pics as soon as possible

and for anyone interested I also put it through an emissions check granted it wasn't as low as standard but it still passed the vosa standards so win win really would recommend this product

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17-01-2015, 10:02 PM
S4 decat


17-01-2015, 10:06 PM
decat, illegal, car, crushed, fine, prison....

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Sorry guys post edited

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26724267202672126722 Here's some more pics let me know what you think