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11-01-2015, 09:36 PM
hi i have an allroad a few months a go my alternator died so i got a new one vw synco got car back since then 3 lights come on abs esp suspenision after google the problems changed brake switch checking vacuum system a local garage told me it was a square wave coming from alternator but left me no solution on what to do have anyone got any better ideas
audi allroad 2002 2.5 diesel auto
regards ritchie

12-01-2015, 12:04 AM
Hello Ritchie.

Who done your alternator replacement? If your garage says the warning lights are due to an alternator issue, shouldn't you just return the car to where you got the alternator fitted?

It's difficult to give you any meaningful advise without knowing what trouble codes are in the car. It could just be that the basic setting of the steering angle sensor has been lost when the battery was disconnected to fit the new alternator. Normally the sensor relearns on it's own after you drive a few yards but not always. Sometimes you have to reset it using the diag machine. If you can post back with some codes someone might be able to better advise you.



13-01-2015, 09:09 PM
hi jim got some codes by proscan

01117 - 155 kwp1281
generator terminal
DF load signal
sporadic - impausible signal

00575 - 139 kwp1281
intake manifold pressure
sporadic - resulting limit not reach

18265 - 035 kwp1281
load signal error
message from ECU : P1857
STATIC - NO define

01119 - 163 kwp1281
gear recognition signal
static - no define

18265 - 163 kwp1281

load signal: error message from ecu : p1857
static - no define

hope this helps

13-01-2015, 10:39 PM
Hello again Ritchie.

Well, I'm sure you wont be surprised when I tell you that the fault codes relate to an alternator issue. I wouldn't have thought an alternator fault would have caused the ABS/ESP warning lights to come on but a few other forum posts confirm that it does. Since the fault only appeared after the alternator was replaced, I think either the DF connector (2 pin plug) hasn't been connected properly or the alternator itself is incorrect/faulty. There are different types of alternators available for Audis. They look the same and the wiring connectors are interchangeable but they have different electronics inside. Maybe you have been supplied the wrong unit for your car.


14-01-2015, 09:01 PM
thanks jim i will look this weekend if snow is gone at least it gives me something to look for
regards ritchie