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24-09-2007, 08:38 PM
My wifes MK5 Golf 1.6FSI was checked in for its MOT (passed) last week at the main dealer in our area - Lookers Blackburn. It only has 16k miles on the clock, but she has recently noticed a growling noise in the lower revs which she mentioned to the service department.

When she collected the car she was told that the noise was coming from the catalytic converter which the service manager told her was undamaged externally and therefore must have been faulty from new. He said he would call VW and ask them about the possibilty of a good will gesture since the car was only 8 weeks out of warranty and low mileage.

The dealer called back today to say that unfortunately VW were not interested since our warranty had elapsed so the bill for repair would be 889.08 fitted.

Am I justified in thinking this is absolutley bloody outrageous? Has anyone heard if this is a common problem and could someone please help with advice on what we can do. What would the cost be for an independent fix and will it damage the vehicle if untreated.

a8 tech
24-09-2007, 09:04 PM
This is just combustion noise from the fsi engine which resinates down the exhaust flex pipe.The nox cat must be operating so it depends on your outlook,is it that bad or only noticeable at say 1500rpm (load change).

Paul Jay
24-09-2007, 09:07 PM
Hi there

Of course you're right to be outraged, but main dealers really don't give a monkeys once your car is out of warranty.

Might be an idea to write directly to VW UK in Milton keynes though and express your thoughts/annoyance, as they sometimes agree to meet at least some of the cost.

At 16K you wouldn't have thought a catalytic converter would give up the ghost, but it just goes to show that low mileage often doesn't necessarily mean you'll get no problems.

Hope this helps and you get things sorted. Then find yourself a reliable garage which isn't a main dealer!!

27-10-2007, 08:39 PM
My wife's 1.6FSI, bought new, three months out of warranty with 29K on the clock, has just had its catalytic converter disintegate intenally. Even though we are both long term VW customers (I've got a new Passat estate) the best VW would offer was 15% off a bloody awful bill of 890! We acually went to ATS who were great and although they could not source a none VW replacement, (apparently VW have not yet released the manufacturing licence on this type of cat), they obtained and fitted a VW replacement for 550 saving the terrible main dealer labour rate which is nearly the same per hour as a lawyer!