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13-09-2004, 07:51 PM

Latest A4 Saloon and Avant ranges bring all new exteriors and a host of enhancements including four new engines

New A4 to début at the 2004 Paris Motor Show (September 25 to October 10)
Opens for UK ordering in mid-October, first UK deliveries in January 2005
New body shell incorporates latest Audi single frame front grille design and styling details reminiscent of Nuvolari quattro design study
Four engines new to A4 – 2.0 T FSI (200PS), 3.2 V6 FSI (255PS), 2.0 TDI (140PS) and 3.0 TDI (204PS)
Extensively revised chassis incorporating elements from new A6 and flagship S4 quattro across the range
New generation manual transmissions, plus six-speed tiptronic and seven-speed multitronic CVT automatics
Upgraded braking system. Servotronic power steering for 2.0 T FSI, 3.2 FSI and 3.0 TDI models
Standards in the compact executive class are about to rise yet again as new Audi A4 Saloon and Avant models wait in the wings for their world public début at the 2004 Paris Motor Show on September 25.

The full 2005 Model Year range has been transformed visually by a striking, all-new body shell incorporating the latest Audi single frame front grille, and dynamically by the introduction of four advanced new engines underpinned by an extensively revised chassis. Upgraded in virtually every area, the new A4 Saloon and Avant models open for ordering in mid-October for first UK deliveries in January 2005.

Combining the latest, very positively received Audi design themes, including the new format grille, with detailing inspired by the 2003 Nuvolari quattro concept study, the new A4 is instantly distinguishable from its predecessor.

The improvements are equally significant under the skin, thanks in part to the addition of the latest advanced Audi FSI direct injection petrol and TDI engines. The petrol line-up gains the much-praised 2.0-litre turbo charged FSI unit with 200PS, first seen in the new A3 Sportback, and the 3.2-litre V6 FSI with 255PS from the A6. The TDI range expands to include the popular 2.0 TDI with 140PS from the A3 and a version of the 3.0 TDI V6 used by both A6 and A8. These units bring the total of engine options in the new A4 range to ten – the most extensive choice in the premium sector.

The interior of the A4, still widely regarded as the finest and most meticulously constructed of its kind in the class, has been updated to include the latest generation of steering wheels, new cloth and leather upholstery options and new technology including the latest DVD-based satellite navigation system.

The 2.0 T FSI is expected to be the most popular petrol model in the UK. Its four-cylinder, turbo charged unit delivers 200PS from 5,100rpm through to 6,000rpm and a maximum of 280Nm of torque from just 1,800rpm through to 5,000rpm. It strikes an exceptional balance between performance and efficiency thanks to a sophisticated high pressure common rail injection system supplied by a single-piston injection pump which injects fuel directly into the cylinders rather than via the inlet manifold.

The A4 2.0 T FSI with six-speed manual transmission is capable of accelerating from rest to 62mph in 7.3 seconds and, where permitted, can reach a maximum speed of 149mph, yet is also able to achieve an impressive 36.6mpg on the combined cycle. CO2 output of 185g/km also places the manual version in the extremely competitive 23 per cent tax bracket for business users.

The best-selling TDI model, and the version accounting for the most sales overall, is expected to be the 2.0 TDI. With 140PS at 4,000rpm and an impressive peak torque output of 320Nm available from 1,750rpm through to 2,500rpm, the A4 2.0 TDI with six-speed manual gearbox can accelerate from rest to 62mph in 9.7 seconds, reach a maximum speed of 132mph and cover up to 49.5mpg on the combined cycle. CO2 output of 153g/km ensures an exceptionally low tax rating of 16 per cent, thanks in part to EU4 emissions compliance – an attribute common to every model in the range.

The new 2.0 TDI engine is one of four diesel units in the new A4 range, the most powerful of which being the new 3.0 V6 TDI with 204PS delivered with the help of a sophisticated common rail injection system employing revolutionary Piezo injection technology. The strongest of the six engines in the petrol range is the 344PS V8 powering the latest generation S4 quattro, which is set to make its debut shortly after four and six-cylinder A4 versions.

Accompanying all these engines will be new generation ‘ML’ five or six-speed manual gearboxes, the latest six-speed tiptronic stepped automatic transmission or the recently revised and still unique-in-sector Multitronic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), now offering seven speeds in its ‘manual’ mode. These will of course channel power either to the front wheels or to all four courtesy of the renowned quattro system, depending on model.

To enable the fullest possible exploitation of the now even stronger engine range, Audi technicians have been charged with the task of dramatically improving the agility and precision of the new A4, and at the same time maximising ride refinement. As a result the chassis of the new A4 has been extensively revised to include components from the new A6 and upgrades previously reserved for the flagship S4 quattro.

Servotronic speed dependent power steering, originally a feature only of the S4 quattro models, is now fitted as standard to 2.0 T FSI, 3.2 FSI and 3.0 TDI models. The braking system has also been upgraded for even more assured stopping power, and now includes a brake disc wiping function, first seen in the A6, which applies low pad pressure against the discs at regular intervals to minimise performance losses in wet conditions. Optional xenon headlights with swivelling, adaptive cornering lights, will also enhance driving safety and enjoyment.

Prices and full specification for the new A4 Saloon and Avant models will be available nearer to launch.