View Full Version : Passenger door window has disappeared!

16-09-2007, 09:46 AM
Hello! Some advice please....

I wound the front passenger door down and as I did this there was a banging / thumping noise from the door and the window is now stuck down inside the door. When the switch is activated I can hear the the motor running and can only presume the window has come off the runner :mad:.

I did a quick search on the forum but only found references to "windows having a mind of their own" so applogies if this has been posted before but I couldn't find the links....

I am hoping someone will be able to advise me if this is something I can fix myself and if so can someone provide me a step by step guide to removing the door card (without damaging it!)?

Any advice would be appreciated....

Many thanks


16-09-2007, 03:16 PM
be sure that the window is not only stuck with its leather sides in the door
due to some water from washing the car or unloading air between the glass and its leather brinks which causes the sticking

if u hear the sound of the glass lifting machine that means its in good condition and its a small problem so,

Any Maintenance Center can remove the door card and fix it quickly

regards :Blush:

01-10-2007, 05:15 PM
I had the same problem so i took the door panel off and put the window back in the runner. although when i took it to VW they said i had to buy a new window motor as a bit of plastic had snapped. to get arround this i used a cable tie and it has worked perfectly since. this was on a electric window...
hope it helps
cable ties all the way