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lu and phil
12-09-2007, 10:00 PM
I wonder whether any other members could advise me on their experiences with insurance for the Seat Toledo - especially the 2.3v5 170bhp option... Having contacted my insurers about a possible claim after some nerd drove their punto into my rear door, I was amazed/shocked to discover that my car is considered a hot-hatch and that there is quite a substantial excess to pay before any claim on my policy.
Is this a common thing? I thought I had bought a sensible family car. Has anyone else had this issue and is anyone able to recommend a good insurer that doesn't require a second mortgage please?
Thanking you muchly!!!
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Seat til I die
14-09-2007, 10:06 PM
Yes the exact same thing happened to me.

Massive excess meant I never even had it repaired, I just ended up living with it (small/med scrape and cracked tail-light) sometimes I wonder why I pay for insurance at all!! Oh yeh... in case it gets nicked. Other than that its the biggest load of BS since window tax in the victorian ages.

Another interesting tidbit, I was paying 745 for fully comp cover on my Toledo 2.3 V5... when I rang up to change the policy over to my Leon Cupra R I was expecting it to double (and the rest!!)
So when the lady told me it would cost 155 to change the policy over at first I was almost outraged!! I assumed from her tone she meant that the 155 was some sort of crazy admin fee... so when I asked, so how much is it altogether, ie 'what is the damage' I was everso pleasantly surprised when she assured me, 'no, thats all you have to pay; 155 altogether for a years cover!'

I was bloody amazed.

lu and phil
28-09-2007, 10:18 AM
Thanks for that little snippet of information there. :beerchug:
I have got some quotes from other companies on insurance - but they all need massive excesses and I am surprised to find that protecting my 9 years no claims is now extortionate whereas it used to cost next to nothing in the past. I have managed to whittle it down to a mere 652, but that's with no courtesey car and a 450 excess. Shocking I tell you, shocking it is!!!
I find it rather tedious - I'm sure if I were a delinquent joyrider I'd be more likely to opt for the boyed up Nova down the road than a boring old Toledo!!! But hey - what do I know!

bora(ing) nick
28-09-2007, 12:15 PM
Don't get me started on insurance.... i'm a 21yr old male, living in Manchester, been driving for 3 years, (2 as named driver, 1 on my own), driving 55 plate Bora TDI.....

I've had 1 non fault claim (right off), recovered full costs.

&#163;1600 a yr, fully comp. (i paid &#163;1700 last year for TPFT) with a &#163;300 excess.

And believe it or not thats the chapest around.:zx11:

Damn sterotypical statistics.....:zx11:

28-09-2007, 02:01 PM
I had a 1.8 20v SE, insured with Greenlight a few years ago. The underwriter was Highway. I paid similar to what i did on a 1.4CL Polo, around 300 fully comp, protected, and i live in London.

lu and phil
18-10-2007, 12:58 AM
Thanks for the advice about Greenlight hitenv - I did a search on the winterweb and found their details. my current policy expires in December and I'm thinking that gives me a couple of months to get some quotes... I'm reckining that as Greenlight mention performance cars on their page, then thats another avenue to explore in terms of insurance. Surprisingly not many companies want to touch performance motors.
And on the same subject - anyone advise me on insurance if I fancy having a go at a track day?
Cheers for these replies guys