View Full Version : Golf MK3 TDI; VR6 rear axle swap

30-08-2007, 08:58 PM
Hi All,

I have a few issues with the car's rear axle;

The rear beam axle bush will need to be replaced at some point
One of the rear wheel bearings doesn't want play adjusted out, despite several attempts. Following one of BigCol's previous posts, I think the rear stub axle may need also need replacing.I thought that this would be oppurtune occasion to replace the MK3 TDI axle with a plus axle from a Golf MK3 VR6. This would potentially confer the following advantages;

Rear anti roll bar
Rear disc brakes, rather than drum brakes
Hopefully, no need to replace the stub axle, since this should already be on the axle.I am thinking of sourcing a good VR6 axle from a trusted breaker.

Has anyone actually performed such a swap ?
Does this axle swap sound plausible, and what issues would be faced ?

Obviously the 5 stud discs would need to be replaced with 4 stud discs (e.g. Golf MK2 GTI).

Would this be a relatively simple straight swap, or are there many subltle differences between the MK3 TDI and the MK3 VR6 ?