View Full Version : Seems the bluetooth disabled when data sim inserted issue is resolved . . . .??

08-05-2013, 06:47 PM
While waiting for the delivery of my long awaited A7, went browsing and ended up going through 2014 RS6 brochure and a little detail caught my eye which seems to suggest that the issue of data might be partially resolved. It seems that you can now have a data sim in the dash for your data and then ALSO have your calls handled via bluetooth via a separate handset. At least this is what I understood from the brochure . . . see below.:p:p

Important connectivity information: An external data source is required to enable the Audi connect online services. One of the two following external data sources can be used1:
1. A mobile telephone with Bluetooth SIM Access Profile2
2. A separate SIM card which can be inserted in the included SIM card reader. When a separate SIM card is used, hands free phone calls are
possible using the SIM card or by connecting a different mobile telephone via Bluetooth Hands Free Profile

The only thing is it might be a MY2014 development only and I don't believe anybody has a MY2014 to test this, and perhaps I have completely failed to understand whats being said here by this little note. You can find it under Mobile phone prep in the RS6 brochure.
Can anyone shed some more light on this:confused::confused::confused:

09-05-2013, 06:34 PM
Yes... I found out today that relevant Audi models from week 22 onwards will be built with a dual module that will enable the Bluetooth phone (i.e. non RSAP, iPhone) and dashboard sim to work simultaneously, which is what we have been wanting.

Unfortunately it will not be able to be retro fitted, although let's wait and see what it actually entails and how it works.