View Full Version : T2 2.5TDI Tiptronic (manual mode) Issue (No Gear Indication on Dash!!)

08-04-2013, 01:25 PM
Good Afternoon,

Can anyone help me with an issue I am experiencing with my T2 2.5TDI Altitude Treg - intermittently for the last 2-3 weeks the gear box selection indicator on the Driver Information Display has been disappearing and then re-appearing. The gearbox has been working in full auto mode fine and then last week the indication disappeared completely and has never re-appeared. I was towing our caravan home yesterday and moved the gear selector to manual (tiptronic) mode to take full control over the gearbox during a hill asscent only to find that it would not work and I was unable to manual change gear!!

I am guessing that the two things are related with the gear selection indication disappearing and the manual mode not working but can anyone assist me to where to start to troubleshoot this?



11-04-2013, 08:29 AM
It is common for a piece of the gear selector to break off - it is a small plastic piece.

There is a few items that can be replaced on the selector lever assembly so you will need to get it stripped down and order parts you need if it is that.

Iirc there is a technical solution for this fault available to VW dealers.

Some pics below of the piece that breaks off.