View Full Version : V-Gate VS450 vs OBDII with wifi to iPhone/iPad

15-02-2013, 04:19 PM
The following refers to a V-Gate VS450 used on a 2006/56 A4 Avant TDi 2.0ltr SE


Does anyone have a link for file for a detail explanation of the functionality of the V-Gate VS450?

Just got hold of one and the one thing I really wanted it for it seem incapable of doing, i.e. reset and settings for the service interval / display message.

It will interrogate the existing on board data and seems to let me edit then attempt to overwrite / reset the values but this changes nothing on the car.

In the end I've just reset the service message without the VS450 (pressing service button on dash and reset button), so until I get a fault to clear it has been a waste of money. (next stop an online auction site to sell it on).

As an alternative can anyone recommend a OBDII wifi and iPhone App combo that will give me a whistle & bells diagnostic-reset-service 'tool' ??


21-02-2013, 03:48 PM
I had just ordered one but have now cancelled. I was going to use on Skoda Octavia 1.8TSI , so unless there is a positive response to your mail I will not re-order. I guess it could be the car's interface, so resetting QG1 flexible oil change service interval might work on the Octavia. Currently that is all I want it to do. So have any Octavia owners out there tried the VS450 or have any other suggestions for resetting the flexible oil interval?