View Full Version : Golf mk3 knocking noise - Driveshafts, CVs or engine mounts?

17-08-2007, 05:13 PM
Hi there everyone,

My P reg Golf has a knocking noise when pulling away, and it seems more pronounced pulling away turning right than just straight. Now i'd heard that that usually meant a CV joint problem (whatever that is...)

Here's the problem...

when i took my car in for the MOT and service about 6 months ago i asked about it and they said that both driveshafts needed replacing at 100 each, or it might be the top shock mount (about 50 i think), grand total of 250. I'd just shelled out a load of cash for the MOT and service so held back on getting it fixed.

6 months later, I take it to the garage again as the problem has got worse and i've now got some money. This time, they say it's two of the engine mounts, and its gonna cost about 250.

So, which the hell is it??? Does either sound realistic or are they just trying to rip me off?? Or am i really looking at a 500 repair bill :(

tia for your help...