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14-11-2012, 07:27 PM
Hi Guys

I am new to the forum but have already learned much from what many of you have written here...Thank You.

I have the code from VCDS :-

004203 - Throttle valve
P106B - 000 - Stuck or difficult to move - intermittant

Having investigated the Air Control Flap at the front corner of the engine on passenger side (not the Throttle Valve as described in the code readout - this is a deisel engine I am not sure why VCDS calls it a throttle valve) I find that the crappy plastic gears are stripped and that the motor in the actuator cannot move the very clean valve in the Air Flap Valve body cos there are no teeth left on the gears.

There is no apparent reason for these gears to strip.
Does anyone know why these gears strip?
This is a terrible design using plastic where metal gears should have been used.

This is a 2007 Q7 with only 56 k miles!

I have ordered the replacement 059 145 950 A at 234 ouch!. Luckily this looks to be an easy item to fit.

My main question is......

Do I have to perform the re learn routine from within VCDS on this Air Supply Control Flap when re-fitted?

Here are the pics of the crappy gears.....

Many Thanks for your help


17-11-2012, 09:14 PM
No need to rush me with any replies.

I found the answer in the support for my VCDS on the Ross Tech Website:-
It is an absolute yes you do need to delete the learnt values of the removed unit when replacing the Air Flap Valve and motor on the 3.0 TDI BUG coded engine.

As soon as the new unit is fitted you can use VCDS and the USB CAN BUS cable plugged into the diagnostic port to remove learnt values and start a new learn sequence for the new Air Flap Valve and motor.

The instructions (and this all worked a treat) direct from Ross Tech:-

Special Notes

When found on 3.0l CR-TDI (i.e. BKS/BUG) or 4.2l CR-TDI (BVN), the Learning Values have to be cleared after replacing the Throttle Body Control Module.

DO NOT CLEAR LEARNED VALUES IF YOU HAVE NOT REPLACED THE THROTTLE BODY CONTROL MODULE! Otherwise the proper values are being cleared and incorrect values are being learned.

[01 - Engine] (for Bank 1/J388) or [11 - Engine 2] (for Bank 2/J544)

[Coding-II - 11]

Enable the Learning Procedure by Entering 10021.

[Do It!]
[Done, Go Back]
[Close Controller, Go Back - 06]

Switch the Ignition OFF.
Switch the Ignition ON for 1 Second, then turn it OFF immediately.
Wait at least 30 Seconds, then switch the Ignition ON again.
Now Check if all remaining fault codes can be cleared.

All the fault codes were removed after this small procedure and none have returned after a 20 mile road test.
Car is now fault code free and running smoother. Dont be put off by VCDS calling the valve a THROTTLE BODY CONTROL MODULE
they do mean Air Control Flap Control Module as this is a diesel engine and has injectors not throttle.

I hope this helps somone with similar problems.

Oiled out

19-02-2013, 10:13 PM
Hi Oiled

Just did this today too.

So I need to get the engine light reset and run a sequence? Crappola, wasn't expecting that.

Right back to the bro in law for a loan of his kit.