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12-08-2007, 05:07 PM
I've got a 1999 TDi bora which is on X plate. The Problem is the control for the windows doesnt work which mean i cant open my windows, control my mirrors and open other windows. Ive checked the earth wire and this was fine. Now the stupid part...... I took off the door panal checked all connection. i went to my local breakers and got a new window control "thing". i tried it while the panal was off and it only worked to control the drivers window but nothing else, but then when i put my panal back on it went dead again.

I checked all connections and they were fine but still nothing. The remote central locking doesnt work for the drivers door too. So when i open the doors or lock them all doors and boot lock apart from the drivers door.

Any help???

Thanks for reading!

06-08-2010, 03:22 PM

Just reading an old thread on the VW Audi forum - you replaced a window motor, then the central locking on that door stopped working too...

No-one replied, so I don't know how you fixed the problem, which is a shame as I have exactly the same problem today.

If you can remember what you did to reactivate the window mechanism and central locking I would be very pleased to know!!!!!

PLEASE HELP! I have no power to the window motor, electric mirror, door lock or the red light which comes on when the door is open. The drivers panel does not notice that the door is open, it doesn't lock using key fob or when using the key in the door. Strangely, the speaker is fine. Does the 'whole door' plug in somewhere, or am I stuck with this problem forever? Help?

06-08-2010, 04:00 PM
The door lock comms through the window motor. You need to fault code read the convenience system but check the fuses first.

06-08-2010, 04:52 PM
my window motor managed to drive the window down, but not up. This caused damage to the cheap plastic clip holding the glass carrier to the runner. So, we stripped out the door, replaced the regulator etc and put most of it back together. Checking the window motor we discovered that the relay had failed. A replacement relay is about 20p if you can get one and solder it in without damaging anything. A replacement motor is about 180... As it wasn't working, we didn't bother to plug it back in, as the replacement is due in 'soon' and we wanted to explore the repair option. Of course, without the motor in place, nothing worked and main dealers etc were unable to help, suggesting broken loom (4 circuits?!) or other expensive 'bring it in' possibilities.
Thank you for your very simple and concise answer. By reconnecting the motor, everything now works. Brilliant! I suppose we should have checked that first before posting here... For others doing winder replacement, our advice is to check the motor first by unscrewing from door and testing in isolation. If you really have to replace the internals, remove inner door panel, following instructions as shown elsewhere, until the 'remove door lock' stage. Don't remove the lock, just push out the two plastic pins holding the door lock to the internal door plate, as getting the door lock/blank back on is a complete fiddle and unnecessary if you only need to repair the window mechanism. That 'simple task' took us over two hours, all the rest took less than an hour. Note: there is a hollow section at the back of the door - if a part/screw/nut etc falls in it's almost impossible to get it out!
If only we had reconnected the faulty motor while we waited for the replacement! THANKS AGAIN!