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30-07-2007, 10:24 AM
I have had rear speakers fitted with a after market headunit. After some time I have replaced this with the original head unit (RCD300). The RCD300 does not seem to support rear speakers, i.e. no Fader option.

Does anyone have any ideas on the pin layout to connect the rear speakers to the RCD300 and will this enable a fader option or does it need enabling?


11-11-2009, 03:41 PM
Just done this on my 'S' spec 2005 TDi
There were no speakers or wiring for rear speakers which is why i gather (from other forums) there is no fade option (apparently it appears when you connect rear speakers)

I had some speakers (17" 2-way pioneers) and wiring installed for me as it didn't have time to do it myself.

I then installed a facia adapter to convert to single din (**tip** you get what you pay for - my 8 ebay item wasn't the best looking/fit)
Below links help with removing:

From there I then purchased a converter for the can-bus wiring and fakra to standard aerial (with signal booster which is required for mw/lw)

After this the only other issue is because the can-bus wiring there is no switched live so i ran a wire behind the steering column to the fuse box wired in an in-line fuse and then used a simple blade connector to slot into a free fuse way which i found to be a switched live.

There may be more expensive can-bus converters which actually do the switched live for you a bit like what is required for people who tow and have a car with can-bus rear light clusters. Someone else might have more info on this as i am unsure.

Once i had correct wiring i just slid in my sony mp3/bluetooth stereo.

If only VW weren't so tight with rear speakers and used standard wiring eh! - 5 min/10 job turned into a marathon 160 job

Hope this helps