View Full Version : Two questions... regarding EGR and clutches

03-03-2012, 11:34 AM

Just wondering of someone can offer advice with the following?

1. Is it the same clutch in a 1.9 TDI 105hp as would be found in say a 1.9 130hp?

2. My Jetta has done 54k. I'm going to get the EGR valve and intake manifold cleaned. Once cleaned, is it worthwhile disabling the EGR (by removing the vacuum pipe), just so that the engine is breathing nice clean air? Does disabling the EGR actually make any difference to mpg or power? Could it cause problems by having it disconnected? Is it worth keeping it connected, but modifying software to turn the EGR function down?

For info, engine is BXE.

Any info greatly appreciated.