View Full Version : Car handles better with a lot of weight on rear axle

22-02-2012, 01:35 PM
Hello all,

A little advice needed please...

Before I owned my Jetta it had been regularly used to tow a caravan. The more I've driven the car, the more I feel that the handling feels rather vague and heavy/sluggish, with noticable 'kick back' from underneath the car when driving on certain roads, and sometimes what feels like understeer in corners.

Also, there is an heavy creaking from NSF, most noticable when going over speed bumps. All front bushes have been examined twice with no faults found. Personally I suspect the top mount.

Last week, I had to carry a load of wood to the tip, and noticed that the car felt a heck of a lot more stable and handling was more surefooted with plenty of weight in the boot.

Would I be right in guessing that perhaps the rear suspension is tired, and should my first place to look be shocks/springs or should I concentrate on bushes?