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13-02-2012, 10:37 AM
Good morning

I'm sure this has been has been covered before, but having searched I am still at a loss.

First some background, my 30m daily commute constists of Mway/DCway/2lane rural, so from the off my speeds are generally high.

This morning i was over-taking at around 85/90 (privately-owned section of DC;) ) and gave the car a little more throttle - with zero results!!! A complete flat-spot!!

The car was point blank refusing to accellerate, and everytime I would remove/replace my foot the car would settle at whatever speed the car had slowed to.

When I got an opportunity, I switched the car off and restarted - with little improvement, the car felt laboured to accelerate with a small (slightly lazy) surge at around 3k revs. Whereas before the car would pull quite stongly at any revs regardless of gear.

No flashing lights, no message on the MFD - What is going on?

Car in question: 2006 (55) Jetta 2.0TDI PD Sport (140) - Completely standard, 73k miles.

I would appreciate any thoughts/Ideas/suggestions you may have.

Many thanks


14-02-2012, 07:55 AM
diag test first if you can
check turbo actuator free movement and vac hoses to it
check air mass meter readings