View Full Version : Uploading Attachments to Posts using the "Attachment" option

Guest 2
24-12-2011, 10:51 PM
For those who don't use Photobucket or another image hosting service, the forum has the facility to attach images to your post/reply.

This guide shows uploading images as attachments, but the same method can be used for other files.

Double click Reply on the thread and you will be shown this screen with the reply box.
Now press the button which is higlighed in the below picture.

Now that the button has been pressed, you are shown an upload window which shows your uploads. Now press the Add Files button.

Now press select files and you will be asked to select the file you wish to upload. Select the file and it will now be shown in the screen.Now press Upload Files.

The file that you have chosen will now appear in the 'Home' box. Now tick the box and the selected file will be shown at the bottom of the window. Now press Insert Inline, this will insert the image to your post.

Now close that window and you will now see the attachment link in your post/reply.


Once your image appears in your post, but BEFORE you click "Submit New Thread", DOUBLE CLICK THE IMAGE!!!!

You will be presented with the options to select the size location you want to appear


Now click "Submit New Post"

You will now see that your reply has the attachment inserted within the post. Press the attachment to view in a larger format.

Did you know, you can also upload other content such as PDF's and TXT files using the same method?

Any problems or queries, please reply below.