View Full Version : Anyone near Rochdale with VCDS- Help with code 00542

15-09-2011, 09:57 AM
I'd like to have my 2002 Audi A6 2.5TDI Scanned, Since the timing belt change 3 months ago I notice very slight sensation of vibration in standing traffic every 20/30 seconds. No one else notices it but of course when you have had the same car for 3 years then you do feel slight differences. Although someone here has said it might just be a change in the characteristic.
So I bought a scanner of ebay 22 and it gave me the code 00542 - needle lift sensor which I have cleared and it hasnt returned, after some googling I found comments that it may be the connection on the 3rd Injector which just needs to be lifted and replaced and that's solved the issue for someone else. I really would like a scan if anyone can help me out to get down to the bottom of it before it causes any other complications, as the car has been serviced twice a year and runs great although not it has 176k on the click it has less poke than it did wheni bought it at 110k 3 years ago.