View Full Version : Seat Arosa horn not functioning!

17-07-2011, 02:59 PM
I bought my 1.4TDI Seat Arosa (Rosie) at the end of January this year with my redundancy money (had to hand my car back).

I love Arosas - this is my second one - but she has just failed her MOT because the horn is not working.

My husband has checked the fuses, checked the horn unit itself and those are fine. He then removed the steering wheel, cleaned the slip ring underneath, checked and cleaned the contact points and reassembled the steering wheel - whereupon she did her usual "Meep Meep" .....until, that is, he tightened everything back up again, at which stage, the horn ceased to "meep", "beep" or anything else!

As both of us were made redundant, finances are really tight and I can't afford to take Rosie to the Seat dealership. We can't believe that this isn't something really simple that we can fix ourselves.........does anyone have any solutions, please?