View Full Version : Lighting Pack (or Not...)?

02-07-2011, 10:52 PM
Had my car for just over a day now and i absolutely love it :biglaugh: I have figured out most things but there is one thing which has me slightly confused at the minute...

I didn't order the lighting pack with my car howvever the PDI report has wriiten at the bottom that the lighting pack was installed and had been checked :confused: so i had a look at the brochure to see what it included and some things the car seems to have and others it doesn't e.g. illuminated foot wells.

So my questions for anybody that has an S-Line model are: Do you have illumintaed foot wells, glove box, reading lights, puddle lights etc and do you have blanking plates underneath the door handels where LED lights should be for the illumintaed door handels which my car doesn't have but which is part of the lighting pack..?