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25-04-2011, 05:42 PM
Hi, I've just collected my 2011my S line TDI 170 and I'm looking to perrform similar little niceties to those I put on my (now departed) A4. It has needle sweep already but I was wondering if I can keep the welcome home lighting facility and also flashing brake lights for heavy braking. I'm sure there used to be a page with common tweaks but I cannot find it now.:biglaugh:

I've a legal VCDS with 10.6 incidentally.

I'm also looking at adding bluetooth and I prefer to run nav (TomTom) on my iphone., so rather than fit the audi bluetooth and AMI (which I had on the A4) I'm wondering about fitting the Dension 5. Does anyone have experience of these units? Hows the quality with Dension modules?

25-02-2016, 12:35 PM
Reproduced from elsewhere, but may be helpful:

Vcds coding MY2011 rstt uk spec, built sept 2010

This car doent not have a comfort module 46, instead the new body control module (enhanced central electrics module no 9) using extended long coding

All results are tested on my car, not regurgitated from the net.

I have a coupe with fixed spoiler, auto lights/wipers and folding/dimming mirrors so some of my default options will/not apply to other setups or convertibles

Ive only highlighted the stuff that people commonly want to change rather than all possible variations (half the stuff I cant be bothered to find out what it actually does!)

for those who have vcds but are not sure how to change things, once the program is running, you click on the controller and it opens up a window, then select coding - this opens another popup windows and you click on long coding helper for the central electrics, which opens up yet another window showing a row of the bytes (in hex!) - you can click onto a byte, or tab along the list, and below the row at the left is the name of the current byte, and any known bit values will be shown below the row of bytes, with tick boxes to change the values or a description of known values/variables

having made changes to any of the bits/bytes, close the long coding helper (just click the x in the top right corner) and the new updated data is entered back into the previous 'coding' box - now click the 'do it' box and you should get the coding saved and a message saying that the new coding was accepted.

BCM, central electrics 09
Byte 0
Bit 1 auto unlock active (default) uncheck to disable – pull the door handle unlocks all the doors
Bit 2 auto lock active (default) uncheck to disable – locks the doors above 15km/hr

Byte 3 comfort opening/closing
Bit 3 via door locks – turn key in lock and hold to open/close windows
Bit 5 remote - enable to hold remote unlock button to open windows/sunroof and close button to shut everything
Byte 4 comfort close via rain sensor
Bits 5/6 are supposed to enable this but it simply doesn’t work on my car even with the correct coding in the rain/light sensor module – ive tried all combinations of bits for the rain/light sensor but this controller in the tt just doesn’t work

Byte 5 unlock/alarm notification via turn/horn etc and
Bit 0 confirmation of lock/unlock via indicators (default on)
Bit 1 lock confirmation via horn (default off)
Bit 4 unlock via horn (default off)

Byte 8 bit 6 synchronise mirror adjust (default off) – adjust the drivers mirror, then adjust the passenger mirror. When you readjust the drivers mirror the passenger mirror moves as well so for most cases you only need to adjust the drivers mirror side for a wider/narrower view or a different driver.

Byte 9 bit 4 personalise via key inactive - this doesn’t do anything on my car as the tt aircon controls and seat heater settings etc are on hard switches rather than electronic settings

Byte 12 but 0 coming home timer start from 0=ignition off, 1=door open

Byte 13
Bit 6 unticked = spoiler auto lower after manual raise
- Bit 7 ticked = spoiler comfort lowering via door locking

Byte 15
Bit 3 ticked (default) to dim drl leds whilst indicators on

Byte 16
Bit 0 comfort indicators (default on) usually gives 4 blinks of indicators after a brief push
Bit 1 emergency brake lights flashing (default on) flashes brake lights when abs triggers to attract more attention to braking
Bit 2 – default off – flashes all indicators when abs triggered

Byte 17
Bit 4 enable/disable auto lights
Bit 5 enable coming home lights
Bit 6 enable leaving home lights

Byte 18 drl settings
Default for uk ttrs is 58, which is front leds only , rear lights off. Vcds has various settings in a pulldown box, but if you want the rear lights to be on as well as the leds for drl ( I have this setting) then you manually type in 59 in the byte table, or use 01011001 in the binary field.

Byte 20 bit 4 (default enabled) display the “press clutch” nag when starting the car – even with it off you still have to press the clutch.

Byte 24 drl brightness
Bits 0-6, you put in the decimal % brightness 1 to 100
Bit 7 must be enabled or the drl leds will not light up (? Why this exists I don’t know)

Firstly this DOES WORK in terms of changing the brightness – other posters have said this doesn’t work but it certainly does on my car
Secondly I can see big steps in the brightness every 10%, but cant see any change between the default 92% and 99% or 100% - seems to max out about the 92% default

Thirdly, even low settings like 20% work properly and don’t throw any error codes or dis messages, contrary to some posts I have read.

Byte 26 but 3 drl only acive with adl disabled will set the drl on when the light switch is off, and they dim when you set the lights to sidelights or headlamps on enabled sets the drl to be on only with the auto lights switch set to auto – when the switch is off, all lights including drl will be off, on auto the drl will be on bright, and on side or main lights the drl leds will be dimmed

Instruments module 17
The basic coding will enable/disable some functions
My default (uk rhd) was 0053428
0053 is determined by the equipment installed
3rd digit from right 4 is the uk ie miles not km, uk style date/time etc
2nd digit from right 2 is the seatbelt warning - swapped mine to 0 to turn it off
1st digit on right 8 is the illumination
0/5 pointers and scales off with light switch off
1/6 pointers on, scales off with lights off
2/7 pointers off, scales on with lights off
3/8 is pointers and scales on all the time, dimming/brightening according to light conditions, gets darker at night to remind you to turn on the lights (you cant see the scales lighting so need to turn on the lights)
9 is dials and pointers on with dimming - not sure in what way this is different to 8
0-4 are with parking light warning off, 5-9 are parking warning light on

So in uk with Seatbelt chime off 0053408

Folding mirrors
Auto folding of mirrors with ignition off doesn’t work and never will unless you add some relays/wiring – its not a coding problem, it’s the older spec door/mirror controllers

Reverse mirror dipping /tilt down
– again on the current uk spec cars this will not work despite coding the car – contrary to popular belief, you don’t need memory seats to do this, you need uprated door controllers that have internal memory and they use long coding because they have far more possible settings (these are fitted to later golfs, but not the ttrs yet)

Light/rain sensor
This is a sub-module of body control and you can adjust the sensitivity for auto-lights and the rain sensitivity for the auto wipers – I found the wipers weren’t sensitive enough
Byte 0,
Bit 0 to auto turn lights on above 90mph (not sure if this only work with auto lights)
Bits 3 and 4 select a more sensitive auto light on threshold – ie lights can come on when it less dark
Byte 2 rain sensor correction – default setting for tt, but I swapped to 23, 35% a8 (4h) which seemed to give a better range of sweep speeds than the tt one.